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What is the hiring process like in your organisation?

The hiring process at a private institution like UK Versity is designed to ensure the college recruits highly qualified, committed, and student-centred staff. the process at UK Versity is:

1. **Job Posting**: The first step is to post a new role or a vacancy. The job description, outlining the responsibilities, required qualifications, and skills, is then posted on the college's job page and other job boards like LinkedIn.

2. **Screening Applications**: HR screens the received applications based on the criteria mentioned in the job posting. This process narrows down the pool to the most qualified candidates.

3. **Initial Interview**: Selected candidates are then invited for an initial interview, typically conducted by HR or the hiring manager. This may be conducted via phone or video call, where the focus is on understanding the candidate's experience, skills, and motivation.

4. **Teaching Demo or Task-based Evaluation**: For teaching positions, candidates might be asked to give a teaching demo. For non-teaching roles, candidates may be asked to complete a task relevant to the job. This allows the hiring team to assess the candidate's practical skills, IT and teaching skills.

5. **Panel Interview**: Shortlisted candidates are then invited for a panel interview. This panel typically includes members from HR, the director, and sometimes the principal. The panel assesses the candidate's depth of knowledge, fit within the team, and commitment to student success.

6. **Reference Checks**: References provided by the candidate are contacted to verify their previous employment, work ethics, and professional behaviour.

7. **Job Offer**: Once a candidate successfully passes all stages, a formal job offer is extended, outlining the terms of employment.

Throughout this process, UK Versity values transparency, communication, and respect for all applicants. The college seeks candidates who not only fulfil the job requirements but also align with its values and commitment to providing exceptional education and support to its students. The college is dedicated to diversity and inclusion, aiming to create a vibrant and dynamic learning and working environment.

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