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Adhering to the Quality Code

In the context of UK Versity, the Quality Management System Manual adheres to the QAA Quality Code's Themes, encompassing key Expectations which are essential for a UK higher education provider. These Expectations, divided into Standards and Quality, define the outcomes for setting and maintaining course standards and managing educational provision.


For Standards:

  • The academic standards of courses meet the requirements of the relevant national qualifications framework

  • The value of qualifications awarded to students at the point of qualifications and over time is in line with sector-recognised standards

For Quality:

  • Courses are well-designed, provide a high-quality academic experience for all students and enable a student’s achievement to be reliably assessed

  • From admission through to completion, all students are provided with the support that they need to succeed in and benefit from higher education

While all Themes don't necessarily encompass Expectations for both Standards and Quality, they do present Core Practices that UK providers must follow. These practices are crucial for fulfilling Expectations and ensuring positive student outcomes. Additionally, the manual references Common Practices focused on enhancement, indicating the institution's commitment to high-quality education standards and practices.

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