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Strategic plan

In order to realise our vision, UK Versity has split its strategic planning into the three main areas and these areas represents our institutional strategic targets that we seek to achieve over the three-years.

Quality Management System

The UK Versity's Quality Management System (QMS) serves as a comprehensive guide for both staff and students, outlining the institution's Quality Assurance Framework.

The QAA Quality Code

In the context of UK Versity, the Quality Management System Manual adheres to the QAA Quality Code's Themes, encompassing key expectations.

Corporate and Academic Governance

UK Versity is a private company limited by shares, incorporated on 15 May 2015 and registered at Companies House for England and Wales under Company Number 09591489

Operational Areas

At UK Versity, we've clearly distinguished between the roles of student recruitment and admissions. The Student Recruitment Department engages in activities.

Information, advice and guidance

At UK Versity, we offer comprehensive information to help prospective students choose the most appropriate course.

All Policies

Policy, procedure, and guidance.

Student Forms and FAQs

If you need to fill out a form and you know which form you are looking for, all our student forms can be found within Student Forms area.

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