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Short Term Student Study Visa: Application Process

Complete the online application form and submit relevant documents. Should you need further information,            contact us via email at

1. We will then send you the course information and terms & conditions.
2. Complete online application and deposit initial fees of £25 towards the application process.
3. A conditional offer letter and an invoice will be sent to you.
4. A Zoom interview will be held which is recorded.
5. Pay the fees to secure your place in the January, March, May, June, August and October Sessions.
6. If you are a non-EU student we will send you a visa letter to help you apply for your visa.
7. The payment of fees is due at least 5 weeks prior to the start of the course.

Admission Process

1. Fill up the enrolment form

2. Upload all relevant documents - passport, schooling certificates, CV, medical history, previous Visa history,            personal statement, bank statement etc

3. This is followed by a ZOOM interview conducted by the admission team.

4. After you pass the interview, we will issue an offer letter and invoice for payment of fees

5. Once the fees is received, then we will issue the vIsa letter, accommodation letters, agreement and invoice              receipt 

6. With the above documents in point (5), you will add your documents like - bank statement, passport, proof of         residence, medical certificate and qualification and apply to UKV & I for visa

7. Once visa is granted, you will provide a copy of the visa and booking of the flight ticket and arrival date to                Manchester. 

8. On arriving at Manchester, you will enrol at the college within 24 hours of reaching UK and start classes with           us. We will provide a timetable and classes are two days a week. 

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Emergency Contact Details

Select Course and Short Term Visa

Do you need a Visa Letter to support your application?

This will be used to conduct a pre-admissions interview

Who is funding your studies?

Medical Details

Are you allergic to any foods or have any specific dietary requirements. If it does not apply, please write "Not Applicable"

Here, kindly provide information on any visa refusal or application made previously. If it does not apply, please write "Not Applicable"

Academic Details

Please tell us about your interests, subjects you enjoy, topics or areas you want to study and write down any comments or questions you have for us. Please also let us know if you have any special educational needs.

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Please mention the agency / agent name to link the application to your account

Application Fees*

Price: £ 25.00

Terms and Conditions

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