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At UK Versity, we offer comprehensive information to help prospective students choose the most appropriate course. Our promotional materials, available in both print and digital formats, are ensured by the Heads of Communications and Quality and Compliance to be accurate, current, and in compliance with legal standards. We also collaborate with selected global recruitment agents to assist applicants. Additionally, we host various events like open days and offer taster sessions, giving insights into student life. Prospective students are assigned a specific contact within the Student Recruitment Department for personalised guidance.


Further information can be obtained by emailing  or by telephoning 0161 2734745


Our Admissions team keep applicants up-to-date throughout the processing stages. Staff ensure that relevant additional information, including course details, our Terms and Conditions and information about funding, are sent out with our offers, to help prospective students make an informed decision.


For terms and conditions please click here.

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